Physical food properties with emphasis on the thermal and mechanical properties. Plant food texture. Drying, planning and improvement of the mechanical equipment for food processing and conservation. Energy saving in food industries. Intensification of physical processing in food technology. Study of the diffusion of water and solutes in food. Production of microbial pectolytic enzymes. Optimization of fruit and vegetable storage conditions on the account of their biochemistry and tissue structure. Quality improvement of olive oil using biotechnological methods.

The research interests concern the following topics :

  • Measurements of natural attributes of wines.
  • Treatment of wines and influence on the sensorial characteristics.
  • Maintenance and optimization of conditions of ageing of wines.
  • Improvement of sensorial attributes of wines, chemical and biochemical changes
  • Aromatic components of wines of Greek varieties. Aromatic components of oak barrels for ageing of wines. Interaction between wine and oak barrel.