Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Analysis


The aim of the Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Analysis, Department of Food Science and Technology is to provide its students with a theoretical and practical background necessary for an integrated approach in the field of Food Science and Technology. The staff consists of 5 personnel complemented by graduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral students some coming from abroad (ERASMUS).

The laboratory of Food Chemistry has a research focus on the development of innovative analytical techniques for quality control of foodstuffs.with particular emphasis on the chemistry (biochemistry and analysis) of lipids It also deals with the development of innovative techniques for the isolation and identification of the volatile components of foods (olive oil, bread, wine, fermentation products). Research has also been conducted on the isolation and identification of the constituents of the essential oil of aromatic plants. Other research topics covered by the laboratory of Food Chemistry include determination of toxic substances in foods (eg urethane, biogenic amines in wines, trace elements in foodstuffs), isolation and identification of natural antioxidants and assessment of their antioxidant and antimicrobiological properties.

In recent years it focuses on nutritional issues such as:

  • Iron complexes of nutritional significance. Iron bioavailability. Iron fortification.
  • Prooxidant activity of iron. Interactions of iron and antioxidant compounds.
  • Development of in vitro methodology for the prediction of polyphenol bioavailability.
  • Effect of nutrients on polyphenol bioavailability.


Laboratory of Food Chemistry,
Department of Food Science and Technology,
Agricultural University of Athens
Iera Odos 75
Athens 118 55
Tel. +30 210 5294681
Fax. +302105294681

Director Professor M.Komaitis

Staff member: M.Kapsokefalou
Teaching and researsh assistants