Laboratory of Food Process Engineering

General Info

The Laboratory of Food Process Engineering, is one of the five Laboratories of the Department of Food Science and Technology of AUA. In the teaching staff of the Laboratory there are 5 scientists holding a Ph.D. There are also several research assistants whose number varies according to the research requirements. Every year, in the Laboratory of Engineering, Processing and Preservation of Food, are implemented about 15 final projects of students who are at the final semesters of their studies. Each projects lasts about 6 months.

The Laboratory of Food Process Engineering is mainly involved in research in the fields of the influence of storage and several other parameters on the quality and self life of food, on the investigation of physical properties of food, drying, energy conservation mainly in relation to the evaporation of food, studying diffusion of water and solutes, processing and enhancing the quality of wine, in extrusion technology and in plant design including the implementation of food related feasibility studies.

The Food Engineering Laboratory of the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), is well equipped for research on quality of food and especially: development work related to texture and physical properties of food. The equipment of the Laboratory includes among others, a universal texture testing machines (Instron, etc), a standard fluid test system (SR5-STD-Rheometrics), water activity apparatuses, instruments for the measurement of density ( porosimeter etc), a freeze drier, drying ovens, analytical screens, instruments for measuring : viscosity , thermal diffusivity, colour, equipment for optical (image process analyses ) and screening analyses of particles, ultracentrifuges, extruder and several cold storage facilities. There is also access to instrumentation of other Laboratories of the Department or the University, which cover areas as Chemistry, Microbiology, Biology, Microscopy (including SEM), etc.