The laboratory of Enology has been initiated on August 2015for providing teaching and research services

  • On wine technology, brewing and alcoholic beverages
  • Microbiology of must and wine
  • On chemical composition of grapes, musts, wines and alcoholic beverages
  • On grape, wine, beer and alcoholic beverages sensory analysis
  • On fining, filtration, bottling procedures as also on ageing of wines and alcoholic beverages

Our main research interest is to explore the potential of Greek native grape varieties to produce high quality wines as well as to promote control over the enological practices in order to improve wine quality in Greece. We have initiated our research by studying both the chemical composition of Greek grape varieties and the necessary methodologies to produce internationally known wines. A huge project was set up in order to study the main and most known Greek varieties from all over Greece by analyzing both grapes and the corresponding wines in order to establish appropriate winemaking protocols regarding the required viticultural and enological practices. Many analytical methods which are required to achieve this goal have been already set up in our lab while others cannot be developed mainly because of lack of apparatus and people.

Our laboratory is equipped with research equipment in order to realize important projects focused mainly on wine aromatic compounds and polyphenols.

Moreover, a small pilot plant winery was built in order to train new scientists and to set up experimental winemaking procedures. We produce the wine of the Agricultural Univeristy of Athens in our winery every year.  Collaboration with wineries was established since the early beginning of our laboratory and it is going on. Applied research projects were set up with known wineries such as Ktima Gerovasilieiou, Santo wines, Ktima Sigalas, Zacharias wines, Koutsodimos wines, Ariousios S.A. from Chios (the laboratory of enology helped on the revival of this historic wine), Ktima KyrYANNI and many others. Recently research and development projects for French companies were set up, one with the well-known tonnelerie NADALIE, as also with FERMENTIS (division of LESAFFRE yeast) and DIAM. Collaboration with companies providing wine analysis equipment are also under discussion.